LIS 5020 Foundations of Library & Information Science 
  Carnegie Discussion
Advertising Assignment
Library Science vs. Information Science
The Battle for Intellectual Freedom 
Case Study Analysis 
Library Resources 
Public Libraries and the Digital Divide 
Reference Policy Analysis
Librarian Interview 
LIS 5937 Archives & Records Management
  Visit to Historical Society of Palm Beach County, FL
Archiving Personal Files
Treasures of the World: Preserving Rare Book Collections 
LIS 5937 Data Management & Practice
  Figshare Repository
Evaluating a Data Repository - Essay
Evaluating a Data Repository - Forms 
Describing the Data Repository and its Datasets 
Comparing Metadata Elements 
Group Project
Group PowerPoint 
LIS 5937 Libraries as Cultural Heritage Institutions
  Cultural Site 1 - Metropolitan Museum of Art 
Cultural Site 2 - American Museum of Natural History
Cultural Site 3  - Yellowstone National Park 
Libraries, Museums, and the Union of Historic Rivals
LIS 5937 Web Design for Libraries
  Reflection Journal

LIS 5937 Human Rights and Libraries 
LIS 6110 History of Libraries
LIS 6271 Research Methods
  Motivation and Time Management among Students at Broward College's South Campus 
LIS 6409 Intro to Library Administration
  Adam Smith 
Strategic Plan 
How Do You Manage? Case Study: Seal of Disapproval 
In Search of Ethical Leadership: Navigating the Ethical Divide 
LIS 6445 Seminar in Public Libraries
  Governance Assignment 
Letter in Support of Libraries 
LIS 6511 Collection Development 
  Part I - Collection Development Plan (Group)
Part II - Collection Development Plan (Group)
Part III - Library Action Plan (Group)
LIS 6542 Curriculum & Instructional Technology 
  A Personal Odyssey 
Breach of Faith: Governmental Intrusion and the Struggle for Liberty
Instructional Design Project 
Writing a Research Paper 
Writing a Research Paper PowerPoint 
LIS 6603 Basic Information Sources & Services 
  Reference Interview 
Annotated Bibliography 
Library Resources Practice Exercise 
Bibliographies and Catalogs Exercise 
Reference Quest 
Libguides Presentation 
Libguides PowerPoint 
LIS 6711 Organization of Knowledge 
  Homework 2 - Bibliographic Description and Record 
Homework 4 - Subdivisions
Homework 5 - Class Numbers 
Homework 6 - Cutter, Call Numbers, and MARC
Homework 7 - Dublin Core 
Metadata - Group Essay 
Metadata - Group PowerPoint
Name Authority Control Essay
LIS 6946 Supervised Fieldwork